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Legacy MyChart / Lucy Summary

Retiring the old Titus MyChart

On January 1, 2022, the old Titus Regional Medical Center MyChart site https://titus.emreverywhere.com/MyChart will no longer be available to the public. Any linked accounts at other organizations will no longer be able to pull in your patient data from this site.

You should access the new Titus Regional Medical Center MyChart site at https://ohnmychart.org/Titus after January 1, 2022.

What if I need my records after January 1, 2022?

After January 1, you will need to contact the Titus Regional Medical Center Health Information Management department to request a copy of your records.

Health Information Management Department:

Titus Regional Medical Center: 903-577-6137
Pediatric Clinic, P.A.: 903-575-5118
Northeast Texas Pediatrics: 903-577-7337



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