Physical Therapy


Regain Motion, Strength, and Independence

TRMC offers a comprehensive outpatient therapy and rehabilitation program with services available inside our Medical Plaza and Wellness Center. Our team of experienced physicians, nurses and therapists, ensure that each patient receives the personalized care they need to achieve their goals through a variety of therapy options.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists evaluate patients for the range of motion in their joints, muscle strength and development and their functional level. After the evaluation, the therapist designs an appropriate treatment plan to help the patient achieve maximum physical restoration.  In addition, physical therapists help maximize physical ability such as exiting a car, getting up from a chair or out of bed, balance, coordination, mobility, flexibility, posture, endurance and gait training.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists evaluate patients to see if they can take care of themselves, are able to work and if they can participate in play or leisure activities. Occupational therapists then develop and implement a plan to help patients accomplish such daily tasks. In addition, the therapists help people develop, recover and/or maintain their ability to perform the tasks of daily living, such as eating, dressing, bathing, performing in a work environment and more.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists evaluate each patient for any speech, language, swallowing, voice, cognitive communication, fluency or other related disorders that can result from disease or disability. They help improve the quality of speech production, speech comprehension, written and verbal communication and swallowing to provide an improved quality of life at home, work and in the community.

Patients and their families are educated on treatment techniques to use at home and on how to modify behavior that impedes communication.

Aquatic Therapy

TRMC's Wellness Center is proud to offer aquatic therapy. Our certified aquatic therapists work with patients in our indoor, warm water therapy pool and our 25-meter lap pool. Aquatic therapy is beneficial for patients with a number of conditions, such as broken bones and arthritis, since the water’s buoyancy decreases the force on the joints while providing excellent resistance for strength training.

Custom Splinting

Often treating an upper extremity injury requires the use of a custom splint or brace. Our Certified Hand Therapist can properly match splint material and splint design to your specific injury. Splinting techniques are used to influence healing, minimize the development of restrictive scar tissue, maintain hand function and reduce pain.