Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center at Titus

Our program provides patients and their families two top class Orthopedic Surgeons that specialize in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.  


ACL Repairs
Arthroscopy (definition: artho-joint,
skopein- examine)
Broken Bones
Carpal tunnel 
Fracture Care
Growth Plate fractures
Joint Replacements
Lower Extremities 
Pediatric orthopedics
Sports Injury
Sports Medicine
Total Joint Replacements 
Trigger finger 
Upper Extremities 

What to bring to Appointment?


Insurance card

Referral (if required)

MRI, X-ray, Ct Scans, etc. if pertains to visit

List of Medications

Work Comp- Pre-Authorization

Orthopedic & Sports Medicine 

2001 N. Jefferson Suite 100 Mount Pleasant, TX 75455
(903) 434-8031

Dr. Major E. Blair, Jr.,
Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Michael E. Johnson, Orthopedic Surgery

Team Coverage Experience:

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