Orthopedic & Sports Medicine at Titus

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at Titus is a full service orthopedic practice that provides the highest  quality care by physicians in general orthopedics. We are committed to excellence in treating all your orthopedic problems. The experienced clinicians at the OSMT utilize the most advanced preventative care and treatment options for the primary and secondary prevention of orthopedics.  Our orthopedic specialist take great pride in maintaining the highest standard of excellence in the treatment  and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. The physicians at OSMT have expertise in all sub- specialty areas of orthopedic medicine.  Our orthopedic specialty areas include hip, knee, shoulder, foot, ankle, hand, and sports medicine. On site x-ray services are available to all of our patients. 


-  ACL Repairs
-  Arthritis
-  Arthroscopy (definition: artho - joint, 
skopein - examine)
-  Broken Bones
-  Carpal tunnel 
-  Dislocations
-  Fracture Care
-  Growth Plate fractures
-  Joint Replacements
-  Lower Extremities 
-  Pediatric orthopedics
-  Sports Injury
-  Sports Medicine
-  Total Joint Replacements 
-  Trigger finger 
-  Upper Extremities 

What to bring to Appointment?

-  ID 
-  Insurance card

-  Referral (if required)
-  MRI, X-ray, Ct Scans, etc. if pertains to visit
-  List of Medications
-  Work Comp- Pre-Authorization

2001 N. Jefferson Ave., Ste 100 
Mt Pleasant, TX 75455

903.5.SPORTS  |  903.577.6787

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Dr. David Hester 
Orthopedic Surgery

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