Support Services


Support Services

In addition to our compassionate, leading-edge cancer care, our Cancer Center staff provide cancer education and offer guidance with difficult decisions. We bring together multiple resources in one place to care for you as a whole person: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our primary goal is to enhance the quality of life for people touched by cancer, including the patient, their family, caregivers, and loved ones. We can help you cope with cancer during and after treatment.

Resources We Offer Include:

Patient Navigator

Your Patient Navigator serves as an advocate for you before, during, and after treatment. Your navigator can guide you through the healthcare system and process while coordinating office visits across specialties. They will be there for you to answer ongoing questions, improve access to care, and smooth the transition to life after cancer.

Areas of assistance include:

  • Help with new treatments
  • Help finding resources
  • Assistance with Outside appointments
  • Financial Counseling
  • Nutrition and Physical Therapy consultations

Nutritional Services

Nutrition is an essential part of treatment and recovery in the patient journey with cancer.  A licensed dietician will work with patients and caregivers to understand the unique needs and challenges of each patient and to devise a plan to empower the patient to overcome nutritional hurdles that can be a barrier to the patient’s mental, emotional and physical health.

Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW)

Licensed Master Social Workers will work with patients and caregivers to help transition to life at home with cancer.  They will assist with challenges presented due to illness such as:

  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Financial counseling and resources
  • Support Groups
  • Coping mechanisms and counseling
Surveillance (Watchful Waiting)
Cancer Registry

National and state registries help track trends in who is getting cancer, which cancer treatments are most effective, and what factors can help prevent cancer. CancerCARE at Titus contributes by collecting data on the progress of our cancer patients. All patient information is blinded and aggregated to protect patient privacy and then reported to the National Cancer Database and Texas Cancer Registry.

Lab Services
All CancerCARE lab services are conducted in-house.
Language Assistance

CancerCARE at Titus will have certified translators available to assist patients in their preferred language.

Educational Opportunities

Group meetings, seminars, and support groups will be provided to help educate our patients and caregivers about their diagnosis and treatments.

Community education and screenings will be offered throughout the year to address awareness, prevention and detection in OUR community.

Support Groups

Support groups for patients and caregivers are currently forming.  Check back for more information as it becomes available.

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