TitusFit’s Pounds Down Challenge 2024: Transforming Lives, Building Communities


TitusFit Wellness Center’s annual Pounds Down Challenge reached new heights of success in 2024. Kicking off on January 22nd, this six-week journey saw 30 dedicated contestants embark on a quest for wellness, shedding a remarkable combined weight of over 324 pounds. Beyond just numbers, the challenge fostered a profound shift in lifestyle, instilling invaluable health education and sustainable habits that extend beyond the competition.

Cullen Grubbs, Manager of TitusFit Wellness Center, remarked, ” The Pounds Down Challenge is always one of my favorite times of year at the Wellness Center. It is exciting to see people come in every week excited to come to the gym and not only compete with others but push themselves towards a goal they set at the beginning of the challenge. It’s a fun way for our members to improve their overall health, learn about exercise and nutrition, as well as have a shot at a little money at the end.”

Central to the challenge’s success were the dedicated trainers, providing 30 hours of complimentary training sessions along with round-the-clock support and guidance. The challenge ended with a LIVE finale on March 4th, where contestants shared heartfelt testimonies of personal growth, newfound confidence, and the emergence of a supportive community.

Kristy Crooks, crowned the 2024 champion, exclaimed, ” This competition has built my confidence and I can’t wait to continue the journey!”

Candias Webster, securing the second position, echoed the sentiment, “What I gained from this challenge is family, friends and a sisterhood for life.”

In collaboration with TRMC, TitusFit crafted this challenge with a vision of prioritizing long-term wellness over mere weight loss. Dave Pitts, clinching this year’s third spot in the challenge, emphasized the community’s resilience, stating, “There are people in this community with very strong minds and I’m proud to have competed against them.”

Throughout the competition, each participant received personalized guidance from TitusFit’s certified trainers, ensuring safe and effective progress towards their goals. Stefani Hill, long time personal trainer at TitusFit, emphasized the profound impact of the challenge, stating, ” My favorite part of the challenge was the relationships & bonds that were built, and lives changed. It has done my heart good to be a part of it.”

TRMC remains steadfast in its commitment to community well-being, striving to foster “Healthier Tomorrows in Northeast Texas”. With a comprehensive approach to wellness, TitusFit’s Wellness Center offers a welcoming environment where individuals can thrive on their fitness journey.

Whether one’s goal is strength-building, weight loss, or overall well-being, TitusFit stands ready to support YOU every step of the way. Located conveniently at Titus Medical Plaza, the Wellness Center beckons all to embark on a journey towards vibrant health.