Titus Regional Stroke Program Featured at International Stroke Conference


During the first week of February, the Titus Regional Medical Center (TRMC) Stroke Team was invited to present at the American Heart and Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  The TRMC Team presented an abstract submitted from a study performed in the TRMC Emergency Department (ED).  This state-of-the-art nursing project demonstrated how the ED nursing team could identify a Large Vessel Occlusion Stroke through bedside examination as accurately as a CT scanner. The ED team, led by Dr. Saud Khan, Vascular Neurologist, and Martina Ramirez, RN Stroke Coordinator, performed the study of 146 patients over several months. They showed the large vessel occlusion scale “WIRE” which includes assessments for weakness, inattention, repetition, and eye examination was accurate in diagnosis 100% of the time. This advanced recognition at the bedside is significant in providing   timely stroke care, saving lives, and reducing disability.

In January, the Titus Regional Board of Managers recognized Neurologist Dr. Saud Khan and TRMC Stroke Coordinator Martina Ramirez for their recent successful survey of the Titus Regional Stroke Program from the Joint Commission. Dr. Khan shared, “We are seeing the fruits of the hard work done by this team since 2014.” He continued, “The entire health system is behind this program and works as a team.  While we always have room to improve and grow, we are excited about the results we see every day.”

The surveyors specifically mentioned the efforts being made by Emergency Department nurses and how involved they are in this program.  Board Member Royce Carr added, “As a two-time stroke survivor, I know first-hand how critical this program is to this community and my own family.  It is an outstanding program that is saving lives in Northeast Texas.”

The abstract submission at the International Stroke Conference was the first evidence-based poster presented by the TRMC team.  Jennifer Posey, Emergency Department RN, and Ramirez presented the abstract on behalf of the TRMC Stroke team.  Chief Nursing Officer, Kathy Griffis, shared, “This is a great accomplishment by the ED nursing team and exemplifies how Titus Regional’s investment in advanced nursing assessment creates an elevated level of quality and safety for our patients.”