Titus Regional EMS Honored as Provider of the Year for the State of Texas


Each year the Texas Department of State Health Services honors Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organizations that exemplify the best the Texas EMS/Trauma System has to offer.  Titus Regional Medical Center (TRMC) is proud to announce Titus Regional EMS was chosen as the 2022 EMS Provider of the Year.  This award honors a ground or air organization that demonstrated leadership in EMS in patient care, public access, medical control, disaster preparedness, public education, and training.

Titus Regional EMS has provided emergency medical services to Titus County for over 49 years. Despite the challenges brought by the CO

VID-19 pandemic, they spent the past year focused on innovative ways to improve patient outcomes and provide the best possible care to OUR community.   Providing community health and education to improve the health and well-being of the citizens of Titus County is one of their primary goals, along with implementing a strategy to improve department training focused on high-risk skills and investing in technology and equipment that has already proven to save lives in Northeast Texas.


During COVID-19 peaks, Titus Regional EMS led with innovative practices making a direct impact in reducing mortality rates for Titus County, which had one of the highest case rates per capita in the state yet one of the lowest mortality rates. Titus Regional EMS developed a program utilizing Mobile Integrated Health Paramedics to make home visits to hospital patients discharged yet still vulnerable. The team performed medication administration, drew blood samples for lab monitoring, monitored vitals, provided patient and family education, and facilitated primary care telehealth visits. They also administered Regeneron to 25 patients in area nursing homes, mitigating the need for many hospitalizations.


Titus Regional EMS has also trained almost 500 community members in less than a year in hands-only CPR and Stop the Bleed classes, building relationships with area schools and businesses leading to more opportunities in the coming year for community education.

Significant equipment and training investments provided better care and improved outcomes in OUR community. TRMC EMS’s first-attempt intubation success rates are over 88%, cardiac arrest ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation) rates were 30% last year and are now 43%, and they received the American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline Gold Plus recognition for the second consecutive year.

The Titus Regional EMS Team was recognized formally in November at the Texas EMS Conference in Austin, TX.  TRMC EMS Chief, Jimmy Methe, shared, “Being selected as the 2022 Texas EMS Provider of the Year is such an amazing honor, especially when you look back at previous agencies recognized and the body of work of other agencies from this past year. I am so proud of the men and women of TRMC EMS who serve Titus County. The innovative quality of care they provided this past year with the focus on OUR community has been a true inspiration to me.”


“As a resident of Titus County, I’m thrilled to know that we have the highest level of emergency medicine expertise and technology resources available on a daily basis,” stated Titus Regional CEO, Terry Scoggin.  “TRMC is so proud of the EMS team members and their accomplishments. This award symbolizes their dedication to excellence for OUR community!”