Dr. Joel Chapman Retires After 40-Year Career in Pediatric Care


Titus Regional Medical Center (TRMC) along with the Pediatric Clinic, LLC has the privilege of honoring Dr. Joel Chapman as he has announced his retirement after over 40 years of dedicated service to the children of Northeast Texas. While his patients, coworkers, partners, and our entire community will be sad to see him retire, we rejoice with him and his family as they enter a new phase of life filled with family and ministry, both here and abroad. “I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Dr. Chapman for almost 20 years now. I truly appreciate his leadership and service to the community and OUR health system.” States TRMC CEO Terry Scoggin. “His selflessness and passion for OUR community and the underserved have been remarkable. A true leader in health care and life. He will truly be missed.”

Joel Chapman, MD began his career in Mt. Pleasant in 1982 after completing medical school at LSU Shreveport.  He knew he wanted to practice in a small town and joined Dr. Stagg here after they had met in medical school.  He and his wife found a home here.  They have raised four children and now have 15 grandchildren.

When asked about his greatest accomplishment in his 40 years of medical practice, Dr. Chapman recalled being asked by a fellow doctor how he managed to balance both a strong family life and a robust medical practice. He shared with his colleague that sometimes doctors get caught up in the practice of medicine and lose focus on their faith, marriage, and family.  Dr. Chapman knew the value of keeping his faith and family at the forefront of his life.  His conversations not only helped his friend with balance but eventually helped lead him to accept Christ.  Dr. Chapman then had the honor of baptizing his friend.  His dedication to balancing his life is truly an inspiration to those around him.

Dr. Chapman has touched the lives of countless children in Northeast Texas as well as families all around the world. He and his wife have had the opportunity to travel repeatedly to Honduras, where they work tirelessly to help families there have the opportunity to marry and raise Godly families.  As they enter this new phase of life, they look forward to working with these families even more.

While looking forward to retirement from medical practice, the Chapmans do not plan to leave the community.  “When we moved to Mt. Pleasant, we didn’t know Mt. Pleasant but God moved us here.” Shared Dr. Chapman. “I can’t imagine my family anywhere else, and I want to thank this community for making us a part of your lives.”

Dr. Gerald Stagg shared his appreciation for Dr. Chapman for being an exemplary physician at The Pediatric Clinic, Northeast Texas Pediatrics, and Titus Regional Medical center.  “His wisdom and clinical skills are exceptional and will be missed. His Christian influence has been a stalwart at all facilities where he worked. His involvement in the community has been invaluable to so many people. He has been a trusted source of advice and care for the families of Mount Pleasant and the surrounding areas. Most of all he has been a trusted friend, brother, and someone I admire and respect. We will miss him.” Stated Dr. Stagg.

Titus Regional Medical Center and the Pediatric Clinic invite you to join us as we honor Dr. Joel Chapman with a retirement reception on October 6th from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.  Stop by the hospital lobby and let Dr. Chapman know he will be missed.


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