Cases of RSV and Flu Causing Shortage of Pediatric Hospital Beds in Texas


You may have seen recent news stories about the shortage of pediatric beds in Texas. The rising number of RSV and Flu cases are causing hospitals to fill when coupled with staff shortages around the state.

Last week, The Texas Tribune reached out to Dr. Gerald Stagg for more information about how this current situation is affecting rural health systems and practices such as the Pediatric Clinic, P.A., and Northeast Texas Pediatrics. You can read their article and see Dr. Staggs input here.

In addition, Dr. Stagg was able to sit down and visit with Lorie Johnson, reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network on the 700 Club and help viewers understand the nature of this current health issue. You can read the story, as well as view the video segment from the 700 Club here.

Our pediatricians are encouraging parents to act responsibly during this critical season. Remember that handwashing, sanitizing frequently touched surfaces, and staying home and away from crowds when ill are important activities to help stop the spread of both Flu and RSV. If you have not had a flu shot, its still a great time to get one, especially before the holidays and travel. If you need care, don’t hesitate to call your provider, and remember to use the emergency room for true emergency care when needed.   

Thank you to Dr. Stagg for taking the time to help tell the story of rural healthcare and OUR community.