Market Items Order Form

During this difficult time for our hard working team members on the front lines, TRMC is proud to offer a select list of "market" items for you to order.  Order 24 hours in advance, and pickup on your way home.  We would like to limit your quality family time spent in line at the grocery store. THANK YOU for your service to our community and creating Healthier Tomorrows!

  • All orders must be made 24 hours in advance
  • Only one order a week allowed for Market Items (Family meals can be ordered daily)
  • Market Items Orders have a $40 max per order
  • The normal $100 limit per two week pay period for badge charges still applies
  • Pick-up times for Market Items will be Tuesday-Friday 5:15pm - 7:30pm
  • Must include badge number for purchase to be processed
  • Payment can only be completed with badge number.  All employees are eligible.
  • Keep a copy of your email receipt to help validate your order
  • All orders will be picked-up from the back loading dock area (enter North entrance / exit to the East)
  • Must be picked up by employee - Bring badge to pickup!

For more information and questions call ext 6117.

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    Market Items for Purchase


    Toilet paper - $0.69 Per Roll (Max Qty 6)
    Tissues- $1.19 Per Box (Max Qty 2)
    Paper Towls - $0.99 Per Roll (Max Qty 6)
    Deli Sliced Turkey - $8.09 (Max Qty 2)
    Deli Sliced Ham - $8.89 (Max Qty 2)
    Cheese Pizza- 5.5oz - $1.19 Each (Max Qty 4)
    Pepperoni Pizza - 6.5oz - $1.19 Each (Max Qty 4)
    Burritos - 4.5oz - $0.99 Each (Max Qty 8)
    Chocolate Pudding - $1.49 Per 4 Pack (Max Qty 2)
    Vanilla Pudding - $1.39 Per 4 Pack (Max Qty 2)
    Chewy Granola Bars - $2.39 Per box (Max Qty 2)
    String Cheese - 1oz portion - $0.89 (Max Qty 8)
    Pop Tarts - $0.89 Each (Max Qty 8)
    Yogurt - $0.79 Each (Max Qty 8)
    Applesauce - $0.79 Each (Max Qty 8)
    Nutri-Grain Bar - $0.79 Each (Max Qty 8)
    Snack Bar Variety - $0.79 Each (Max Qty 8)
    Fruit Bowl - $0.89 Each (Max Qty 8)
    Pineapple Bowl - $0.89 Each (Max Qty 8)