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Tune Up For Life Men's Health Event



Question for you fellows…which do you take better care of, yourself or your car?

June is National Men’s Health Month and Titus Regional Medical Center is offering a special program especially for men.  Tune Up for Life encourages men to care for their health just as diligently as they care for their vehicles and is scheduled for Thursday, June 14th from 6 pm – 8 pm in Titus Medical Plaza.

“Our Tune Up for Life event provides participants a road map on how to maintain good health and keep their body running smoothly. Preventive healthcare measures and screenings equate to routine auto maintenance – both help avoid problems down the road,” according to Ron Davis, CEO.  Davis, a prostate cancer survivor, shares that his own cancer was detected through a PSA lab screening offered by the hospital as part of its wellness initiative.  “I can personally attest to the difference it makes in one’s prognosis if cancer is caught in the earliest stages, when there is a greater chance for a cure.  One of my first projects as the new administrator at the hospital nine years ago was to explore the possibility of establishing a cancer center so our patients undergoing cancer treatments would not have to endure the additional burden of traveling an hour and beyond.  I never thought that I would end up being a patient at our new facility.”   He encourages men to take charge of their health and ensure that they keep up with recommended screenings.

The first 50 men attending Tune Up for Life will receive a free PSA test, which is a screening lab test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA).  Higher levels of PSA can be a red flag of possible prostate cancer.  Additionally, participants can make pit stops at several of the service station offerings, including:  Oil Flow – Blood Pressure Check; Fuel Injection – Diabetes Screening and Education; Muffler Check – Sleep Services and Testing Information; Belt & Tire Check from the Wellness Center at Titus Regional.  Attendees will also enjoy special pit stops, including a Car Show and Fueling Station complete with appetizers and beverages.

The guest speaker for the event is Dr. Herbert Watkins, who will be presenting “The Mechanic’s Guide to Men’s Health”.  Dr. Watkins is a board certified urologist and talented lecturer. 

For more information about Tune Up For Life, please contact Community Outreach at 903-577-6299.