2010 Hospital of the Year

National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week


Each year, more than 100,000 Americans receive help recovering from heart attacks or heart surgery through cardiac rehabilitation.  February 13-19, 2011 is National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week. 


Often times there are no warnings, while other times you are able to prepare.  In either situation, cardiac issues are not something to be taken lightly.  Genetics or lifestyle can put you and your heart at risk for a long list of cardiovascular problems.  Cardiac rehabilitation services at Titus Regional Medical Center provide guidance, education and exercise in a controlled, monitored setting to help ensure that patients reach a full recovery.


Cardiac rehabilitation is a continuum of care.  Our professional staff at TRMC work closely with our patients’ physicians, and are often the people who detect problems, symptoms, or changes that need to be addressed by their doctors.


TRMC Cardiac Rehab hours are 7am to 3pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Our office can be reached at 903-577-6572.  We’re always available to answer questions concerning a cardiac rehabilitation need for you, or someone you know.