2010 Hospital of the Year
Our EMS team provides coverage for approximately 550 square miles. All of Titus County and areas bordering Interstate 30 east to Bowie County and west to Winfield; Highway 67 east to Morris County and west to Winfield; Highway 271 north to Talco and south to the bridge over Big Cypress Creek; and also the Chapel Hill area, south to Highway 11. Responses to 911 calls are also made into Camp, Morris and Franklin Counties upon request.

Emergency Services

Titus Regional Medical Center is a designated Lead Level III trauma center, the only such facility between Dallas, Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas. We also boast an average emergency room wait time of less than half that of the national average.

Emergency Department/Trauma Center

The Emergency Department at TRMC is committed to providing the highest quality of care to the citizens of Titus County and surrounding communities. We partnered with CEP America as our emergency room provider and have local physician Kyle Groom DO as the medical director. CEP America places a high emphasis on increasing patient satisfaction and decreasing patient wait times. The end result is better care for you.

The distinguished title of Lead Level III Trauma Center in Northeast Texas demonstrates our capability to quickly manage the care of injured patients and to provide stabilization to those requiring transport to a higher level facility through an on-site air medical helicopter.

The Emergency Department treats over 2,000 patients each month, ranging from newborns to the elderly, and we offer access to specialists in cardiology, pediatrics, orthopedics and obstetrics, just to name a few. Our team of emergency specialists is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Life Support and Trauma Care. We are ready to serve you in your time of need.

At TRMC, we understand that getting the right patient to the right physician in the right amount of time is the key to optimal outcomes for our patients. Titus Regional Medical Center Emergency Department is proud to be a leader in this area of health care for Northeast Texas.

Emergency Medical Services

Titus Regional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has been providing expert emergency transport services for over a quarter of a century to our community.  We have evolved into a complex emergency response system with mobile intensive care units and a full time emergency dispatch communication center.

Titus Regional EMS responds to over 300 calls per month with advanced procedures and equipment available, and professionals committed to the highest level of care. We provide full Paramedic service including transporting cardiac patients and respiratory patients on a ventilator. We also have an on-site helicopter service to transport patients from the scene when needed in severe trauma cases.

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